This year the Center for Civic Engagement is sponsoring 5 environmentally focused service projects in recognition of Earth Day 2013. All projects will be taking place Saturday, April 20th. Morning, afternoon, and all day projects are available. Below summaries of each project and links to registration forms. Pre-registration is required. Participants will assemble in MU 109 before leaving for service sites. Snacks will be provided (lunch will be provided for the all-day project).


SOLVE/Corvallis Parks and Recreation: Dunami Creek wetlands restoration service project in Corvallis  at Starker Arts/Sunset Park for up to 60 volunteers. Volunteers will carry out a wide range of clean-up and restoration projects including planting native riparian plants, hazard pruning, litter patrol, and invasive plant removal (8:15am-1:15pm). Register for this project here:

The Wetlands Conservancy: Day-long service project for around 12 volunteers in the riparian zone around the Alsea Estuary near Waldport, Oregon. Volunteers at this site will be cutting ivy, taking debris and trash to state park for pick up, and cutting willow off of an area and planting them on the edge creating beaver food and edge habitat. (8:15am-5pm). Register for this project here:

OSU College Forests: Trail maintenance service project for up to 12 volunteers at Peavy Arboretum, north of Corvallis. Volunteers at this site will be maintaining interpretive tree i.d. posts that identify the many different species of trees in the Arboretum. The group will be adding gravel to the posts to set them firmer in place as well as ensure they remain upright.  (8:15am-1:20pm) Register for this project here:

Produce for the People Community Garden: Volunteers will spread leaves on garden beds and plant seeds/starts and complete general maintenance and upkeep on community garden in Corvallis for up to 24 volunteers (9:15am-12:15pm).  Register for this project here:

Starker Arts Garden for Education (SAGE Garden): Volunteers at this site will be mulching, weeding, planting spring starts/seeds, prepping garden beds, and harvesting food crops at an educational garden in Corvallis for up to 20 volunteers (1:15-4:15pm). Register for this project here:

For accommodations related to disability, please call 541-737-7673 or email

Please also be sure to check out the other events OSU is putting on as a part of Earth Week! Visit the Earth Week Calendar:

Take time to learn more about Earth Day:

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