Predicting cutworm and armyworm pressure is difficult. But without predictive tools (monitoring of adult moths, crop scouting, and detection of larvae), cutworm and armyworm attacks are only noticed too late, when the most severe damage has already been done. Here are some factors that affect activity levels: Cyclic booms and busts of pest population levels… Continue reading

.pdf is NOW AVAILABLE for download . The full version of: “ARMYWORMS AND CUTWORMS IN OREGON CROPS: A comprehensive guide to identification, ecology, and management of common species” is expected to be published early summer, and will include more species, as well as notes on scouting, host plants, activity in the landscape, etc. This is… Continue reading

Enigmatic: adjective resembling an enigma, or a puzzling occurrence, situation, etc.; perplexing; mysterious. Euxoa: genus of moth, with over 120 species in the PNW, characterized by extreme difficulty in identification due to polymorphism, sexual dimorphism, and wide variation between individuals. Identifying Euxoa moths by external morphology is extremely difficult. Forewing shape can provide a clue,… Continue reading

As we endure the College World Series rain delay, let’s take time to learn about a different type of strike. (A segue stretch, I know)… Mamestra configurata Walker, bertha armyworm, is native to North America and is a major pest of canola, so most published literature reports on damage and economic thresholds in Brassica rapa… Continue reading

A regional trapping network of true armyworm moths. We are doing this project in partnership with Tillamook Cty. Extension and Northwest Agricultural Consulting, to provide advance warning for dairymen and pasture owners. Link to current data and graphs  ( –  

Cutworms and Armyworms of the PNW: Mythimna unipuncta, Dargida procintus, Dargida diffusa, Spodoptera praefica, Mamestra configurata, Apamea cogitata, Peridroma saucia  Slides advance ~ e. 5 seconds. Hover mouse to pause [slideshow_deploy id=’102′] Scientific Name: Noctua pronuba Common Names:                Large Yellow Underwing (adult)                Winter Cutworm (larvae)  Slides advance ~ e. 5 seconds. Hover mouse… Continue reading