Marketing to New Customers

The Next Wave: Find Your Market: Overview of multiple avenues for finding CSA customers and building a following

Share Pricing and Sliding Scales

A Farmer’s Guide to Marketing through Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) from University of Tennessee. Pages 5-8 of this guide cover information on pricing the value of your CSA shares.

Sliding Scale CSA Discount Calculator from Zenger Farm. Developed by Zenger Farm with the hope to create a more equitable, inclusive and just CSA community. Using a broad sliding scale allows more people to participate, while modeling fair compensation for farmers.

Utilizing SNAP & Double Up Food Bucks

The CSA Farmer’s Nationwide Guide to Accepting SNAP/EBT Payments: Guide written by Bryan Allen of Zenger Farm for CSA farms looking to incorporate SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program members.

PACSAC’s SNAP/DUFB FAQ: PACSAC FAQ on how to use SNAP/DUFB programs.

Outreach Tips for Farms that Accept SNAP Payments for CSAs from ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture

Online Sales Platforms

Farmer’s Guide to Direct Sales Software Platforms from Young Farmer Coalition: While markets, restaurants, and other food distribution channels close or reduce operations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, farms across the country have expressed interest in using software platforms that support direct sales to consumers in their communities. This publication highlights product options and sales models that farmers may find helpful. The selected products are farm-specific sales platforms that support single-farm, direct sales. Generic e-commerce platforms, platforms that sell farm products to consumers, and farm aggregators or food hubs are not included.

Questions to ask when choosing an online sales platform from Oregon Tilth

Delivery (Options, Pricing, Logistics)

On-Farm Food Safety during COVID-19: How to Prepare CSA Pick Up Sites from Community Alliance with Family Farmers

Considerations for residential area drop sites from Farm Commons

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