Farm Direct Marketing, Agricultural Products Fact Sheet from the Oregon Department of Agriculture

The Farm Direct Marketing Bill, adopted under OAR 603-205-0215 thru 603-025-0275, exempts farm direct marketers that sell agricultural products that they themselves grow from ODA licensing. Only sales directly to the end retail consumer are exempt. Consignment sales are allowed under the Farm Direct Marketing Bill, see below for details or click on link above for the whole fact sheet.

Consignment Sales

In addition to selling their own products, farm direct marketers may also sell some agricultural products from other farm direct marketers under consignment. Agricultural products eligible for consignment sales include:

  • Fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, edible flowers and herbs that are fresh or cured as part of routine post-harvest handling
  • Unshelled nuts
  • Shell eggs (if the seller is a licensed egg handler)
  • Honey (only when not combined with other ingredients)

Consignment agreements can only take place between two farm direct marketers from the same county or adjoining counties. Products sold under consignment must be clearly identified with the name and address of the consigning (original) agricultural producer. Consignment sales logs must be maintained that include the name and contact information of the agricultural producer and documentation of the quantity of items sold under consignment. There are no gross annual sales limitations for items sold under consignment.

Farm Direct Marketing, Producer-Processed Products Fact Sheet from the Oregon Department of Agriculture

Consignment sales of producer-processed products are not permitted under the Oregon Farm Direct Marketing Law

Local Harvest: A Multifarm CSA Handbook from SARE

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