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  • Blog Post #3

    My project is the EECS Community of Practice Mentor Matching Site. This is a site meant to be used by OSU faculty and students, for the purpose of connecting prospective mentees with possible mentors who match their interests and are a good fit demographically and geographically. Students at OSU are looking for guidance in their…

  • Blog Post #2

    My favorite application that we are using currently is React, especially since I get real-time updates on any errors in my code displayed on the site and can walk myself through the instance likely causing the error. Within React, we are using Material UI for our styling and are also adding components that make the…

  • Blog Post #1 : Embracing Clean Code

    As a developer, revisiting code written from a year ago (since I’m still quite new to coding) can be a little challenging to interpret, plus I can envision scenarios where I could have written less code to do the exact same thing. This common experience underscores the importance of clean code, which is vital for…

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