Building an API with .Net

Here we go, ya’ll – time to learn another language – C# /.Net. I’m currently working on a project where the legacy code is written in C# and, in a moment of personal growth, I decided to learn another new language to write the needed API endpoints rather than trying to use Python.NET.

Anotha one (programming language)

I decided to go this route for a few reasons: 1) My love for Python is a personal preference, not a business need; 2) By now I know that, every time you add a layer of complexity, you increase the difficulty of troubleshooting exponentially. The project in question is a web app so I’m not too concerned with .NET’s capability for cross-platform support or security features but the documents and developer blogs are convincing regarding its scalability – reportedly it is easy to add more servers to help distribute load. Our plan for deployment doesn’t have me too worried about scalability but this gives some piece of mind.

The big concern for me will be compatibility with some of the tools we have to use – Open Street Maps and a TBD frontend tool for map display. These things are notoriously slow to load and display and lack of speed could kill the desirability of the product. I also want to make sure we are keeping things as modular as possible – our current requirements include relatively basic features and no use of real-time data so, if it is successful, I think it is likely that more interactivity and data specificity will be demanded.

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