Stacking Menus

Seriously, where would I be without Unity Learn. There’s been a fairly detailed introductory lesson (with pictures!!! because that’s the important part) for every project goal I’ve set out to complete so far and I could not be more grateful. I’m sure I would have taken twice as long to figure things out otherwise.

This week’s focus was on creating our game’s menus – not anything terribly complex, but definitely a bit more time consuming than I anticipated. It was a lot of little things that slowed me down though, like figuring out why one button looked pixelated in game view while the others didn’t (scaling and text size difference) or altering the overall sizes of the Canvas areas little by little until I deemed it a decent size. Plus, it’s not even fully completed yet. Even though everything I’ve set up so far is working as expected, I’m still not satisfied with how it looks. I’m going to have to let that be for now though. As Ryan told me, the polish can always come later, and we won’t be adding the UI art until later on anyway.

Menus on top of menus on top of menus…

I knew developing a game takes a good deal of time and effort, but now I have a more accurate idea of how much and just, wow. Solo developers are very dedicated souls. If I didn’t respect the developer for Stardew Valley before, I absolutely do now!

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