Greetings! This marks my first post, and today, I am going to share my journey that led me to the computer science post-baccalaureate program at OSU.

My academic background initially lies in public health. Post-college, I ventured into the realm of research as a Research Assistant. It was during this phase that I learned about a simple syntax within the SPSS software, using it to manipulate collected data for reporting purposes. While intriguing, I soon realized the limited growth opportunities within the public health sector. Recognizing the need for further education, I contemplated pursuing an ABSN program, given my public health degree. Over the next few years, I juggled roles as a research assistant while completing nursing requirements.

Amidst this, I learned two crucial things. Firstly, my interest in a nursing career waned. Secondly, a strong desire to delve deeper into syntax writing emerged. Conducting thorough research on how to pursue this, I stumbled upon computer science which eventually led me to OSU!

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