AHE552 Context

How might you use a digital portfolio? What purpose do you want it to serve?

Since I am already faculty at OSU I am thinking about using this portfolio as a gathering place for items that would serve as an introduction for participants in my in-person and online programming. Frequently I am asked to provide a brief bio, or a place where someone can find all of the websites and project highlights that I am currently working on.

What audience do you have in mind for your portfolio?

Mainly as a place for anyone attending any of my educational courses to explore more about me and learn about other projects that I am working on. My job is fairly segmented into multiple fields. This could be a place to provide the areas where they overlap or not represented in the traditional OSU faculty pages. These tend to be auto generated from our reporting systems. There is always items I’d like to highlight that are not necessarily important to OSU when I am reporting.

What elements/content, might you want to include in your portfolio? If you already have a portfolio, what have you been inspired to add or change about yours after viewing the sample portfolios?

Resume, NIH Biosketch, and other items that are important when working with outside partner organizations. Links to publications, past classes, and upcoming opportunities.

What preliminary design ideas do you have in mind for your portfolio? Your ideas could include typography, color, images, or layout.

Being that I am currently working at and place to use this within my current employment I would stick to OSU colors and use typography and colors that would work well within that system.