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As a future SWE, I am writing this log for my capstone project and this post will be the first one for my project log. On this post, most of writing is about me and my skills. Hi to everybody who is reading this article and let us make a wonderful program in this term!

  • Favorite technologies
    • I usually use python mainly, and also can use C, C++, JavaScript and have some experience of React Native. Recently I have interested in Dart and Flutter, and really want to make any cross platform program.
  • Your project
    • As far I do not know what will be my capstone project but I have some priority standard for application. First, I would like to make some AI program so I put the A-Life Challenge project on the top of the survey. The second keyword I want to implement is ‘crowd sourcing’. Therefore, I have applied for all crowd sourcing app project on the list. No matter what project team I am in, I will do my best.
  • Your future career
    • I am willing to work as SWE, especially back-end engineer. When it comes to the field of career, I have huge interest about every entertainment media industry from text such as E-book or web-toon to video such as Netfilx.
  • Your job hunt or interviews
    • To be honest, I have never had any job experience so far. That is why I really am excited now because most of this class have their own career! I am a good listener and ready to hear your story.
  • A soft skill you are working on
    • I am able to say with confidence that I am really good at make a plan. Quiet friendly, not talkative but diligent, and honest. At least you do not have to worry that if your teammates runs away and disappear suddenly while the project is going on.
  • How do you like to learn new things?
    • Much like! That is why I choose this major as second bachelor degree. My first major is Creative writing which has no single connection with the CS.
  • How do you handle stress or “getting stuck”?
    • First of all, I do not hide anything. I always do my best, so if some works is out of my league, then say to teammate as fast as I can and find help to many people. If I get a big stress by personal issue, I always just go to the gym and make all my head empty with hard exercise.
  • Research and teach us something new about our field!
    • Recently I have read some articles about AI bot such as ChatGPT. You can try this program after only simple sign-in process! You are able to get even a short code from this program.
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