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  • Blog Post #4

    So, I just have turned around the mid point of my capstone project log, it is really about to time for implementing the main function of my application, which is ‘STT’. STT is the short for ‘Speech-To-Text’ and as you can understand directly, it is the package to translate users’ input voice data to the…

  • Blog Post #3

    For my Capstone project log(I skipped #2) I am going to introduce Dart and Flutter which is I am developing with. DartDart is a language created by Google in 2011. Initially, it started with an ambitious plan to replace JavaScript. It was first announced at the GOTO Conference, and the initial 1.0 version was released…

  • Blog Post #1

    As a future SWE, I am writing this log for my capstone project and this post will be the first one for my project log. On this post, most of writing is about me and my skills. Hi to everybody who is reading this article and let us make a wonderful program in this term!

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