2024 Training Schedule

February 7-Traditional Gathering with Three Generations-Mary Lee Jones, Marlene White and Joelle Jones

February 12-Entomology Online Module

February 17-Integrated Pest Management- Silvia Rondon, PhD

February 24-Soils- Alec Kowalewski

February 28-Botany-Heather Stoven

March 2-Firewise Landscaping- Amy Jo Detweiler

March 6- Home Orchards- Ashley Thompson, PhD

March 13- Pesticides- Kendal Johnson

March 16- Plant Pathology- Brooke Edmunds

March 23- Pollinators- Andony Melatholpolous

March 27- Plant Clinic- Megan Wickersham

April 3- Community Education- Bill Weiler

  • Class Recording
  • Presentation Slides

April 10- Final Exam

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