Welcome to the Central Gorge Master Gardener Association Website! The Central Gorge Master Gardener Association (CGMGA) is a local chapter of the statewide Oregon Master Gardener Association. Members include Master Gardeners from Hood River County and adjacent counties in both Oregon and Washington. CGMGA is a non-profit educational organization that helps to promote the OSU Master Gardener Program and provides opportunities for additional educational training throughout the year.

To learn more about the Oregon State University Master Gardener program, visit Hood River County Master Gardeners


Please use the link below to

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to the Central Gorge Master Gardeners.

Upcoming Events:

2024 Master Gardener Training


Registration opens on Monday, October 30th. For more information, please contact OSU Extension Outreach Program Coordinator Megan Wickersham. megan.wickersham@oregonstate.edu 541-386-3343



2023 Statewide Master Gardener Program Webinars

This online series is open to the public and offers education for experienced gardeners. Webinars are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 12 noon (Pacific). The series runs from February through November and will be announced as speakers are finalized. Check back for new and additional webinars throughout the year.

Please visit:
Growing Oregon Gardeners: Level Up Series

2022 CGMGA Master Gardener Awards (Complete List of Recipients)

OMGA Master Gardener of the Year Recipient, 
This annual statewide award recognizes a Master Gardener for their outstanding leadership and dedication beyond the boundaries of their county.

CGMGA Master Gardener of the Year Recipient, Sandy Montag
This annual award recognizes the outstanding dedication and service of a CGMGA Master Gardener.

CGMGA Behind the Scenes Award Recipients, Paul Matalucci and Linda Kaufman
This annual award recognizes a Master Gardener who works quietly and unselfishly behind the scenes to further the CGMGA Master Gardener Program.

CGMGA Golden Trowel Recipient, Kelsey Soltysiak

This annual award recognizes a new Master Gardener for outstanding volunteer contributions in his/her first year of training. Chosen by the Program Coordinator.

CGMGA Projects Award Recipient, Sandi Rousseau

This annual award recognizes a Master Gardener who stands out as an exceptional volunteer based on their passion and
contributions for a project and/or event

CGMGA Community Outreach Award Recipient, Dennis Carlson, Leanne Hogie, and Kathy McGregor

This award recognizes a Master Gardener who has contributed to a community project or found new ways to provide community outreach.

CGMGA Plant Clinic Award Recipient, 

This annual award recognizes a Master Gardener who has provided reliable and vital plant clinic support.

CGMGA Special Services Award Recipient, Nancy Slagle, Bill Sturman, and the Parkdale Garden Club

This award recognizes a Master Gardener or community member who has provided services or done something special to serve the MG
program and/or projects.

CGMGA Chapter Educator Award Recipient, Eric Bosler 

This annual award recognizes a Master Gardener who has done extra work in facilitating educational opportunities.

CGMGA Communications Award Recipient, Margo Dameier  

This annual award recognizes a Master Gardener who consistently documents and promotes the Central Gorge Master Gardener program.

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