2020 CGMGA Class Schedule

January 22: Mentor/Mentee Training

January 29: Peonies and Hostas with Lore Sampson

February 5: Botany with Heather Stoven

February 8:  Firewise Landscaping with Amy Jo Detweiler

February 12: IPM with Gail Langellotto

February 22: Entomology with Allison Walston

February 22: Pesticide Safety with Brooke Edmunds

February 26: Healthy Soils with Claudia Groth

March 4: Plant Clinic Training

March 7: Vertebrate Pest Management with Chip Bubl

March 7: Vegetable Gardening with Chip Bubl

March 11: Pollinators with Frances Fischer

March 11: Project Presentations

March 14 (Class cancelled): Plant Problem Diagnosis with Neil Bell

March 14 (Class cancelled): Growing Berries with Bernadine Strik

March 18 (Class cancelled): CGMGA Essentials, Technology Training

March 21 (Class cancelled): Pruning with Ashley Thompson

March 25 (Class cancelled): Herbaceous Ornamentals with Signe Danler

June 3 GTSTW Webinar: Drought Tolerant Plants with Neil Bell

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