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  • November Highlights

    Welcome, June Marion (She/Her)!!

    June joined the CMTD team as our newest senior faculty research assistant. She has been part of the OSU community for over 15 years. While pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineering (2010), June honed her technical problem-solving skills and gained exposure to manufacturing and machining processes. June went to sea as an MS graduate student in Atmospheric Science (2014). This experience helped June realize her enthusiasm and affinity for solving complex, time-sensitive problems with limited resources in high-intensity environments. She has worked as an FRA in the Ocean Mixing Group since 2014. In that position, June was the technical lead in building a fleet of remotely operated vessels that gather upper ocean physics data in remote, dangerous locations. June joins our team with over a year and a half of logged sea time, and she looks forward to continuing to support the scientific community while broadening her expertise.

    Advanced Syringe Sampler

    The CMTD team finished modeling and building an evolution of a legacy syringe sampling assembly for Dr. Clare Reimers and CEOAS Ph.D. candidate Peter Chase. Using the energy stored in a coil spring, the Advanced Syringe Sampler simultaneously collects 50mL water samples at 16 discrete elevations between the seafloor and 1.5 meters elevation. This sampler was mobilized for deployment aboard the RV Pacific Storm on November 13th, 2021.

    Chip Seal Aggregate Spreader

    CMTD built this robust aggregate spreader for Dr. Erdem Coleri in the College of Civil and Construction Engineering. The spreader applies a uniform and repeatable aggregate layer to pavement samples used to research preventive maintenance of county roads. In this photo, the spreader applies chip seal aggregate to a prepared sample.

    Lander Modification

    Working with Dr. Sarah Henkel, the CMTD team designed this adjustable camera and light mounting system for an existing benthic lander. The adjustable armature captures images of either the seafloor or the adjacent water column.

    The areas highlighted in this image demonstrate the modeled optimization of the camera’s field of view relative to the illuminated and unobstructed seafloor.

  • October Highlights

    Given three week lead time, designed and built custom piston core deployment system for attachment to non-standard bolt pattern of RV Pelican.

    Initial project contact October 10, 2021. Constructed in Corvallis, OR. Installed for deployment in New Orleans, LA on October 28, 2021.