Our Adventure Begins Now

Balt and I arrived at Paso Robles Amtrak station with only our packs and our hiking gear and shoes around 10am. Our bus was scheduled to depart at 10:40am but didn’t arrive until 11:00 which made us a little skeptical while we waited. We were asked where we were headed to or what we were up to several times by other passengers. I’m sure the combination of our tall packs and hiking shoes seemed a little out of the ordinary for them.

The bus arrived, we threw our packs under the bus, and we were off.

Our adventure began.

Despite the bus’s late arrival, we made it to our train right on time. At 2:04 pm. We hadn’t booked a hotel yet, so we found a cheap hotel near Little Italy in San Diego called Harbor Inn.

We reached downtown San Diego at about 7:30 pm and walked to our hotel which wasn’t too far from the train station.

Sorry, I had to snap this. Waiting for our bus in Paso.
Before jumping off the bus and onto our train.
Dana Point. We drove alongside the coast for a while!
Once we we off the train in downtown San Diego.

Countdown: 2 days

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