About Me

I’m a student at Oregon State University. I am originally from a small agriculture-driven town in California called Huron (look it up, I dare you!). I’m in love with the color yellow, with ocean life, with adventures, and, of course, my fiancé Balt. I am also a coxswain for the women’s rowing team at Oregon State and plan on becoming a marine biologist.

Recently, Balt and I decided to start hiking the PCT, the Pacific Crest Trail. Neither of us have backpacked before. We’ve only gone on day hikes and we both love camping – which is actually how we hit it off: a 5-day camping trip started it all, but that’s another story. Anyway, ever since then we have gone on camping and hiking trips to many different places.

We started saving and planning for the PCT about 10 months ago. We’re both excited about it. It’ll be an adventure both of us will remember for a long time and of course this will allow us to create a stronger bond and grow with each other.

Here are a handful of photos that give a good sneak peek at my life.

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