Human-Centered Design, Again

Why do we design? For this question, my answer is to improve our’s life better. Thus, the target of the design is to improve our’s life better. Human-centered design is the most important step for me in the design process. There are many example of companies are get successful by using human-centered design. Facts proved that human-centered design is a big thing and influences many designers. There are many advantages of human-centered design. For example, it may save our testing prototype time and cost. This is because when we focus on designing the product which is connecting with our target audience, they must be attracted by this product. I believe human-centered design is helping us to solve the right problem that will make my target audience lives better, easier and more productive. Furthermore, this week’s reading also makes me understand every design will have its own risk, it is a threaten for the wellbeing if an organization. I think to challenge the risk, it may come out with the best solution for our product’s problem.

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