User-centered Design

This weel’s readings are talking about how to test our prototype. Last week, I understand the importance of the prototype, so this week we have to test our prototype. The test is a chance to gather feedback, refine solutions and continue to learn about our user. Thus, the test step is inevitable in our design process. I think the test step is connecting with our user-centered design, this is becuase we want to understand deeply with our users and understand what they want and need is the main purpose of our design. We need to get a feedback capture matrix to record what our user likes, what user criticizes, what user wonders, and what user ideates? These are very helpful for our design and we may get new solutions from this step, and then we have a chance to rebuild our prototype. Thus, whether the empathy step or the test step, we need to communicate with our users and build a relationship with them to improve our design.

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