Summer seems to be a million light years away, especially when everyone has just returned winter break.  Six months from now may seem to be a long time, but that’s barely enough time for you to do a quick search for summer internship opportunities.

Here are some approaches that you can follow to help you secure a summer internship:

1.      Networking: It is never too early or too late to network; so put on a smile and network-away. There are many benefits to networking:

  • Make connections – be actively aware of possible opportunities
  • Gain a network of support who speak in your favor
  • Recommendations are often made by people you know through networking

2.      Social Media Sites:  If you’re thinking Facebook, you’re absolutely right!  Companies do use Facebook to look for future employees. If you’re lucky, you might be hired for an internship or even a potential job! LinkedIn is also another site that can be helpful for you in finding the right internship.

3.      Research: Online resources such as those that offered by OSU Career Services may be the quickest place to look.  Beaver JobNet, for instance, allows you to search internships in and out of state and even overseas. Companies love to see that you’ve done previous research and have an understanding of their organization. This shows that you’re interested in working and thinking about future career development with them.

4.      Informational Interview: Set up an informational interview with a potential employer that you’re interested in working with. Keep in mind that informational interviewing is not where you ask the employer for a position in the company, but rather an opportunity for you to discuss what the company has to offer.

5.      Career Fair: Allows you to meet many employers from all around the country, hence broadening your possibilities of meeting the company that you possibly want to work with. Upcoming Career Fair is on February 23rd and 24th at the CH2M Alumni Center.

6.      Be Prepared: Having a Cover Letter or Resume at hand when you’re ready to apply for an internship/job is very crucial. Keep in mind that the average time to make a solid resume is at least 20hours.

Words of Advice:

o   When you form a relationship, maintain that relationship

o   Always follow up with the person you spoke with at a particular company/organization in order to maintain that contact

o   Be professional, attentive and always be on time

o   Don’t procrastinate, you’re putting your career at risk

o   Always ask for help…the most successful people are those that get help from others. You can’t succeed totally on your own!

Opportunities are endless! Be the first bird that catches the worms, all the worms. The power is in your hands, use it!

Posted by Phi Vu, Career Services Assistant

Would you just love to know exactly what field would best fit you for skills and interest you possess? Well, most likely we won’t be as lucky as the person who received this fortune!

Choosing the right career path can be challenging. Often one will take several twists and turns before finding their straight away path to an appealing career. But you may find it by exploring and engaging!

Here are a few examples of how you could explore a future career:

  • Conduct informational interviews
  • Join a club in your major
  • Study abroad
  • Volunteer
  • Do an internship
  • Job shadow
  • Get involved on campus and/or in community
  • Attend Career Fairs
  • Check out Vault, an online resource providing information about different careers
  • Meet with a career counselor to take a career assessment

I have actually done the majority of the items listed above. They do not all have to be in the field you believe you are going into, I have done a variety of positions from peer mentoring to teaching to business to shadowing in a clinic. Taking advantage of these different opportunities allowed me to find out what I enjoy doing, what I am successful in, and helped me develop skills that I have applied towards the career I am currently pursuing. I reassured my choice of Pre-Therapy track last year by joining the Pre-Therapy & Allied Health Club on campus, speaking with current Physical Therapy students, and conducting an informational interview last Fall.

The informational interview is something many students don’t tend to do. My previous supervisor came up with the idea and helped me find a P.T. to interview; I prepared my questions and followed through with the set meeting. With the support from my supervisor I asked for a chance to complete observational hours in the clinic, the P.T. directed me toward the correct contact and it was approved. Completing the hours helped me get a vision of how the career field was like. Researching definitely helps us find our niche!

I encourage you to begin exploring your future career by talking to employers, professors, family, friends, and departments and gather as much information as possible.  Also, visit our website for helpful links.

Posted by Marisol Cardoza, Career Services Assistant

Posted by Fernando Ramirez

Beaver JobNet is an online job database that allows OSU students to search for jobs and internships, upload a resume for employers to see, search for employers recruiting on campus, and learn about on-campus events such as Career Fairs.

The easiest way to access Beaver JobNet is via the Career Services website. On the right-hand side you will see the Beaver JobNet login section. Click “Student Login” and login using your ONID username and password. If it’s your first time logging in, you will be asked to complete a short profile. Once you’ve completed that, you’ll have full access to Beaver JobNet.

The homepage on Beaver JobNet has a list of shortcuts on the right-hand side to make navigating through the site easier and faster. You’ll also see tabs across the top of the page. To search for jobs and internships, click the “Search Jobs and Internships” tab. This will bring up the job postings page. Here, you can view all the jobs posted on Beaver JobNet or apply filters to see only the ones you are interested in. Once you find a job you are interested in, click on it to bring up more information about the position. On the right you will see instructions on how to apply for the job as well as important dates, such the date posted and the deadline for applying.

One other thing you should know is how to upload your resume onto Beaver JobNet. On the top, click on the “Your Documents” tab. You will see a message that says “No records found.” Below it, click on “Add New.” Now fill out the required information. You’ll need to give the document a label (for example, “Resume”), and select the document type. Then click “Choose File,” select your resume, and click “submit”. Your resume should now appear on the Resumes page. Once you’ve uploaded a resume, you may want to add it to the resume book for other employers to see. If an employer finds your resume in the resume book and is interested, they may contact you about internship or job opportunities. To add your resume to the resume book, click on the “Your Documents” tab to bring up the Resumes page. Below the word “resumes,” click on the tab that says “Opt-In Resume Book.” You will see your resume under the list of documents. Click on the “Select Resume Books” button. On the new page, give your document a label, then click “select” next to “Target Opt-In Resume Book.” Select the resume book where you’d like to place your resume (you can select more than one) and click “Submit.”

These are only the basics of Beaver JobNet. Look through the tabs across the top of the page to explore other features of Beaver JobNet, and use the Shortcuts on the homepage to access important pages more quickly. Hopefully this information will be enough to get you started. Happy job hunting!

Posted by Anne Lapour, Career Counselor

So, you landed a summer internship (or a summer job).  Good for you!  Gaining these outside experiences is going to benefit you in your eventual job search.  Many internships morph into job offers–in fact, “entry level jobs” often begin as internships.  So, how do you enhance your chances of that full-time offer at the end of your internship?  You need to view this internship experience as an extended job interview.  This is your opportunity to show what you can do for the team.  The following are a couple of articles with some great suggestions for how to make the most of your internship:

Make the Most of Your Internship

Making the Most of Your Internship(s)

And don’t forget…you’re checking them out too.  Take note of the company culture, the people you work with, and any other factors that might be important as you clarify your career goals.  Internships are one of the most enlightening and productive steps you can take on your career journey–make the most of it!

Posted by:  Tim Chen, OSU Student and Career Services Career Assistant

Are you interested in finding a job that gives you a chance to explore the world?  If so, consider looking into job opportunities with various cruise lines.  The top cruise lines in the United States are based in Miami, Florida.  With various routes used all year long, Cruise ship companies are always looking for people to employ.  There are many different job opportunities available on board each cruise ship depending on the skills and/or abilities you would like to bring with you.

I had a chance to attend an Alaskan Cruise last summer.  During their last trip, the cruise director of the Serenade of the Seas had talked about the employment process for working on a cruise ship.  Although not all companies follow this process, this particular company seeks interested applicants and will place them in a short seasonal contract (3 months), to try out the position.  If the employee enjoys their job, then they are generally offered a contract that lasts for about 8-10 months.

The advantage for working as a crew member on a cruise ship is the ability to travel to many attractive destinations.  Although most of the time is spent on the cruise ship, crew members often have a chance to visit and shop the various destinations.  Also, because the crew members live on the cruise ship, they don’t have to worry about paying rent for a place to live, and they also have access to free meals, free laundry, free medical insurance (required by maritime law), and a free shared room on the ship.  All in all, this can save the crew member expenses when working on board the ship.

The potential disadvantage is the amount of hours worked in a week.  Although each position has specific details, most crew members work roughly 12-14 hours 7 days a week.  Crew members are guaranteed breaks throughout the day to compensate for the long hours.  Another fact is that crew members generally share a bunked bed in the lower cabins of the ship, which do not contain any windows.  The living areas may not be appealing for those who are picky about where they sleep at night.  Finally, this position is NOT recommended for those with sea sickness.

All in all, working on a cruise line is definitely an experience!  It provides an opportunity to gain many skills such as work safety, first aid, and customer service skills.  Best of all, you have the ability to meet people from all over the world.  Cruise ship lines always hire crew members from various parts of the world, so there is a high level of diversity on board the ship.  I remember that my cruise director made the joke saying that if the cruise ship was a country recognized by the United Nations, it would be one of the most peaceful places in the world.  That statement reflects the amazing diversity experience people can gain from traveling and working with the crew members in a cruise ship.

Interested in learning about more about a fabulous professional development opportunity?  Interested in finding a rewarding and challenging experience when you graduate from OSU?  Interested in giving back to students and the community?  Interested in learning all this from the comfort of your own home?  You’re in luck! 

Teach for America is hosting several online events this spring to learn more about different aspects of their program. These are very low-key, and there’s no commitment, but these are great opportunities to become more aware of a way to work towards ending educational inequity in our country. If you’re interested in any of the events below, simply click on the link to RSVP, and you’ll get information to call into a conference line number when the event goes “live.” Please feel free to contact  Matea Bozja ( with any questions.


» Introduction to Teach For America: Learn about our mission and approach to closing the achievement gap and hear a firsthand account of what it’s like to be a corps member. 8 pm EST



» Pre-Med Webinar Featuring Medical School Deans: Hear a med school dean talk about the value of the Teach For America experience and how it will help you in your medical career. 4 pm EST



» Teach For America’s Graduate School Partnerships: You don’t have to choose between Teach For America and grad school! Learn about our 200+ deferral partnerships and hear alumni testimonials. 9 pm EST


NonprofitExpoPosted by Anne Lapour, Career Counselor

Are you looking for opportunities to gain professional experience and contribute to the mission of a non-profit organization?  Then there’s good news for you!  The annual Non-Profit and Volunteer Expo is coming up later this month, on January 28th.  This year’s event is co-sponsored by Career Services and OSU’s Community Service Center.

So…why attend the Non-Profit and Volunteer Expo?  A few reasons…

  • You need professional experience!  You may not realize it, but volunteer work is a wonderful way to gain valuable working experience.  There will be MANY organizations present for you to begin talking to!
  • You want to make a difference.  Non-profits offer fabulous opportunities to satisfy that social justice advocate inside you, or your need to make the world a better place!
  • Networking.  Non-profits are also employers, folks…here’s your opportunity to begin the networking process for that internship or job you’ve been looking for.
  • Interested in a program like the Peace Corps, Americorps, or Teach for America?  We’ll have a panel of past participants to answer all your burning questions.

Stay tuned on our Non-Profit and Volunteer Expo Webpage for more details about the event, such as the organizations who will be attending, as well as the workshops and events being held throughout the day.

Posted by Anne Lapour, Career Counselor

green-leaf-largeUnless you’ve been hiding under a mossy Oregonian rock, you’ve probably heard the word “sustainability” any one of a hundred times over the past year.  We’re lucky to live in a state where sustainability efforts are cutting edge.  Passionate people are out there doing amazing work…do you want to join them?

“Green jobs” are certainly a positive career direction these days, but just because it’s a newer (and growing) field doesn’t mean you don’t have to do your homework.  Start by checking out this great website on Green Jobs.

sponsor-teach_for_americaIn America, education is supposed to be the great equalizer and the primary vehicle for upward mobility. But, the reality today is that all too often, where children are born determines their educational prospects. In fact, the 13 million children growing up in poverty face tremendous challenges and often don’t have the extra support in school to reach their true potential.  This reality disproportionately impacts African-American, Latino, Hispanic, and Native American children, who are three times as likely to live in a low-income area.* You have the power to change this.

Teach For America seeks individuals of all backgrounds, majors, and career interests who possess the leadership skills and experience that will enable them to change the prospects of students growing up today and ultimately to exert broader societal influence in our nation that will make it a place of opportunity for all.

Come join us at an information session to learn more about this opportunity to affect lasting social change after graduation.

Date: Monday, October 26th

Time: 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Location: MU Room 206


*Source: National Center for Children in Poverty, 2007

One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.


Next Application Deadline:  Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Posted by Galina Romantsova, Career Services Graduate Assistant

Career Fair is located at the CH2MHill Alumni Center
Career Fair is located at the CH2MHill Alumni Center

This to-do list can help you with your preparation:

Mark your calendars! OSU wide Career Fair is on Tuesday, October 20th, 11am – 4pm. Engineering Career Fair is on Wednesday, October 21st, 11am – 4pm.

Go to Beaver JobNet and find out what companies are coming to the Career Fair.

Research the top companies that interest you. Spend time researching, so you’re aware of what each company does, and so you can ask great questions at the fair.

Get your resume ready. Go to Career Services and get help with your resume. Bring lots of resumes to the fair — at least two for each company for which you have an interest. If you have multiple interests or job objectives, make sure you bring enough of each version of your resume.

Prepare your one-minute “infomercial” to be ready to tell about yourself (education, professional experience, professional goals, the reason you are interested in this company, the key benefits that you can offer the organization).

Get ready for an interview. Sign up for a mock interview at Career Services. Prepare answers to interview questions just as you would do for any employment interview. Make sure you also have some questions ready to ask the interviewer.

Create your Game Plan. You need to determine an order of interviewing. Some experts suggest meeting with your top choices first thing in the morning, interviewing with your other choices in the middle of the day, and returning to your top choices at the end of the day to thank them again for their time. But remember to stay flexible as your top choices may be the top choices of many, creating long lines that you may wish to avoid.

Choose the right attire. Know what the expected attire of your profession is and dress accordingly. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.