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Job/Internship of the Week
stahlbushAssistant Buyer
Stahlbush Island Farms, Inc.


The mission for this position is to perform daily tasks as specified by the Raw Product Buyer to provide assistance in the collection and documentation of information required to meet customer quality standards and maintain the status of the farm’s certification as a sustainable and organic farm.

-Interact with contract growers, including scheduling, field scouting and collection of necessary documentation.
-Support raw product procurement as needed.
-Support internal audits of the farm for compliance to meet sustainable and organic certifications.
-Support in overall raw product logistics and scheduling as needed.
-Review pesticide records.
-Provide and track harvest-timing estimates for all crops.
-Develop and manage systems for collecting and using historic data.
-Develop field standards and measures to better meet the quality standards for the finished products.
-Perform other duties as assigned.

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