With umbrellas showing up in movies, song titles, photographs, commercials and pretty much everywhere on rainy days (except in Oregon), it seems appropriate that there is a National Umbrella Day. Each year on February 10th pull out your umbrella to celebrate. While we all may own an umbrella, most know little about them, so here are some fun facts to help you brush up on your umbrella trivia. Around the world umbrellas are also known as a parasol, brolly, parapluie, rainshade, sunshade, gamp, bumpershoos and umbrolly. Also universal, their main objective is to provide protection from rain and shade. Umbrellas began to appear around the 11th Century B.C. in sculptures in the Middle East and China, looking pretty much the same as they do today.

Even though many Oregonians often opt for a raincoat, umbrellas are one of the most common accessories worldwide. With the Career Fairs and interviews coming up, select an umbrella! To ensure you make the best impression with employers arrive crisp and dry, by adding an umbrella on top of your raincoat. Just like your professional attire and briefcase, add to your ensemble a professional umbrella. Of course always dress yourself for the company you are applying to, so if it is an Oregon based outdoor wear company don’t bring along your umbrella; however, if it is a more corporate location keep dry with a nice looking umbrella. Here are a couple tips to selecting the perfect umbrella:

  • Canopy – Make sure it is well made and watertight, or else there is no point.
  • Frame – Check out the quality of the frame to make sure it will not collapse or flip out on you when a gust of wind comes up.
  • Color – While the bright pattered umbrellas may draw your eye, for a professional umbrella find one with neutral colors.
  • Type – Figure out which type of umbrella you like and which will suits you best, be it a traditional, automatic, compact, bubble, or high fashion umbrella.





Posted by Sami Kerzel, Career Services Assistant