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Name: Emily Berkey

Major: Sociology & Human Development & Family Sciences

Year in School: Senior

Industry: Music

The music industry can be challenging to get into. Tell us how you got started.
I took advantage of every opportunity that came my way. I began by doing hospitality for an artist at a concert, and took that opportunity to network and make connections beyond those that were already given to me. That night I was able to walk away with a video taped interview, an internship with a woman who does PR work, and a connection to the artist, whom I still keep in touch with.

 What did you do in your position?
I began, just like everyone else, at the bottom of the music industry totem pole. By being positive and staying true to myself, I have been able to make lasting connections. I quickly ascended from hospitality to interviewer, to now writing for a large magazine.
I am also the Director of Promotions at KBVR FM, and the host of Sunday Night Slow Jams. KBVR FM has been a great resource to get my voice out there and to network with others. I am able to help smaller, underground artists by playing them on my show, and have been able to utilize social networking sites to build my listener base.

What advice do you have for others who are preparing for their job search or career?
I would advise others to follow their passion and to never stop dreaming. If you have a passion and an idea of what you want to do, pursue it. It’s amazing how far positive thinking will get you. I would also encourage people to not be discouraged and to welcome criticism, and even ask for it! I believe it’s really important to never stop learning, so welcome knowledge from others but receive it with a critical ear.

Did Career Services assist you anyway? If so, how?
I met with career counselor, Marian Moore, for the first time in February of 2012. I told her where I was and where I wanted to be. She calmly looked at me and basically said, “ok, let’s do this!”. Marian truly believed in me and quickly became one of my greatest cheerleaders. She legitimized my desire to work in an industry that would be challenging and a test of my wits and character. Marian believed in me when many others didn’t, and helped me to organize my thoughts and goals in order to pursue my dream in a practical, non-overwhelming way. Before I knew it, I was checking things off of my goal list and seeing amazing progress. Thank you, Marian!!