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Program Associate – Northwest Coordinator
SOS Outreach


The Northwest Program Coordinator is a half-time, year-round position based in Seattle, WA. 80% of time will be spent on program management, 10% will be spent on administrative duties, and 10% will be spent on resource development to grow SOS’ programs serving Washington and Oregon Youth. The position will average 20 hours a week over a 12-month term, although it is expected that the coordinator will work more hours in the fall and winter and fewer in the spring and summer. This position is a 12-month opportunity funded through AmeriCorps and Coach Across America.

• Work with Program Manager to manage all program logistics for Learn to Ride and SOS University programs in Washington and Oregon including:
o Recruiting partner youth agencies
o Recruiting and training of volunteers
o Recruiting and training of seasonal staff
o Transportation
o On-hill program days
? Gear Distribution
? Circle of Love Implementation
? Ski and Snowboard Coaching
? Direct Mentorship with participants
o Scheduling service days
o Trainings
o Collecting and recording releases and waivers
o Program Graduations
o Snowsports Equipment Inventory
• Manage database administration for Washington and Oregon programs including:
o Registration
o Attendance
o Staff and volunteer management
o Fee for Service
o Pre and Post Evaluations
•Support SOS Outreach programs, events, awareness days, and fundraisers involving organization of volunteers for preparation, execution, and clean-up. All events will support local program development through direct cash and in-kind donations.
• Aid in community development and marketing across the organization to support program expansion in Washington and Oregon through social networking, contact management, press releases and collaborative exploration.
• Assist in resource development to support program expansion in Washington and Oregon through grant applications, individual donor solicitations, fundraising events and snowsport manufacturers. The Coach will be focused on in-kind donations of equipment that will support program expansion as well as funding to support program scholarship opportunities.
• Schedule with Northwest Program Manager, to ensure SOS Seattle office hours will be adequately covered.
• All other AmeriCorps appropriate duties as assigned.

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