Today it’s all about interviewing! Here are some common interviewing questions:

What are common interview questions?
These days more and more employers are asking behavioral interview questions. These are the kinds of questions that ask you to tell about a specific experience. For example, “Tell me about a time when you had to work with a difficult person and how did you handle the situation.” Behavioral questions are popular because past behavior is a strong indicator of future behavior and employers want to make sure they are hiring someone who is  a good fit for the organization.The top interviewing question themes are:

Strengths and weaknesses
Problem solving
Leadership Abilities

For a list of common questions, check out “Sample Interview Questions Asked By Employers.”

How long should I talk for when answering a question?
About 3 minutes. Usually in three minutes you can answer the question fully, much more than 3 minutes you have probably gone off on a tangent and are no longer answering the question or maybe you are but the interviewers are ready to move on.

Should I ask questions at the end of the interview?
YES! Ask at least two questions (but not more than 5)…it shows that you are interested in the position, have done your research, have critical thinking skills, and some employers won’t hire you if you don’t have questions. It is true, I know someone who didn’t hire someone because of that reason! Check out some Sample Questions to Ask Employers to get you brainstorming!

What should I wear?
You want to look professional but also fit in with the culture of the company. It is better to dress on the conservative side and if you are ever questioning what to wear you pretty much can’t go wrong with a nice pair of slacks, button up collar shirt, and suit jacket (and a tie for a guy). Make sure to wear close-toed shoes and minimal jewelry and perfume/cologne. If it is the summer, then usually you can go without the jacket and women can bring a light sweater. I always layer and then once I see what everyone else is wearing I can decide whether or not I keep wearing the jacket. Need more advice on what to wear? Then check out “Dressing for the Interview.”

For more information on the job interview, check out the OSU Career Services website section on interviewing.

Any other questions about interviewing? Any suggestions?

Jen Busick, Career Advisor & Outreach Coordinator at Oregon State University advises students about internships and the job search, applying to graduate school, resumes/cover letters, and interviewing. She also organizes and updates resources, manages social media for Career Services and coordinates outreach opportunities. She enjoys working with students in coming up with a plan to finding a job and assisting them with figuring out the next steps. She has a lot of international experience, including the Peace Corps, study abroad, and independent travel.

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