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Samaritan Health Services

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Our passion is providing world-class health care. On the job and off, each of our employees brings the skills and personal commitment to contribute to the health of the region we call home. If you’re like the thousands of Samaritan professionals who aspire to serve others, join us.

Samaritan Health Services is currently recruiting for an Interactive Marketing Specialist who will be responsible for the design, development and delivery of interactive marketing strategies. Candidate will provide website analytics to develop future strategies. Maintains brand consistency and meets marketing objectives while supporting various channels of communication such as the organization’s website, email and social media.


, Corvallis
, Oregon
, United States
Position Type: Permanent Full-Time
Salary Level:
$21.97 – $32.26/hour
Job responsibilities include:
Manages and executes interactive marketing strategies including but not limited to the website, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, online media/advertising and social media. Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent Work Experience Required 

Provides recommendations and best practices for online marketing opportunities and tactics that assist in achieving organizational goals. Analyzes web and campaign data for trends and patterns, and makes recommendations for improvements.

Supports e-marketing and communication projects such as e-newsletters, as well as print versions, and web-based campaigns. Manages e-mail communication creation, distribution, delivery and reporting.

Assists in writing and editing copy for a variety of e-communications including website, e-newsletters and e-mail. Maintains brand consistency across channels of communication.

Defines and provides on-going website analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) metrics where applicable, utilization and others to be defined.

Serves as CRM database super user.

Develops and monitors social media listening tools. Defines and provides on-going website analytics, CRM metrics where applicable, utilization and others to be defined.

Experience and/or training in the following required:
– Utilizing web analytics and tools.
– Writing for search engine optimization.
– Interactive marketing including web site strategy, social media, online media and search marketing.
– Website design, CRM tools and website utilization.

Three (3) years experience in marketing, communications or a related field required. Interactive marketing experience preferred

– Full Time
– Day Shift

Samaritan Health Services offers an exceptional benefits package!