Finding time to fit in a good workout with all the stresses of life can be extremely difficult at times. Some people workout at 5 in the morning, others ride their bikes to work, while some do not do anything at all. We at Oregon State University are pretty lucky because we have Dixon Rec Center, McAlexander Fieldhouse, the Covered Bridge loop, Bald Hill and so many outdoor recreational areas surrounding Corvallis. Unfortunately, someday (hopefully) we are going to graduate, and possibly (hopefully again) get real jobs, maybe even in an office. If you think finding time to workout now is difficult, just imagine how it will be when you have a job and a life to workout around.

Working out is good for your body, reducing stress, your looks, reducing the chance of certain diseases and helping you age well. It can even boost your mood, improve your sleep and give you more energy, which could possibly help you with your work.

Before you even leave the house you can start your workout. Try waking up just 30 minutes earlier to go for a walk, or perform chores at a faster pace to increase your heart rate. Instead of sitting while you watch TV be active on a stationary bike or try using weights. Every little effort you take will make a difference.

Now instead of driving to work try riding your bike, but if that is not for you park your car further away from the door, to make you walk further, then take the stairs. Already you have started your day off right. Here is a list of exercises you can do walking around the office, waiting for the printer or sitting at your desk:

  • Calf raises
  • Walking around
  • Chair dips
  • Desk or wall pushups
  • Knee lifts/leg lifts
  • Stretching
  • Sitting on an exercise ball
  • Muscle clenches
  • Good posture
  • Weights
  • Deep breathing
  • Elastic band/hand gripper

You can even try talking to your employer about how they can help you stay active while at work, because a happy employee is a more productive employee. Finding a workout buddy at work can help by keeping each other moving, and maybe then you can start a lunch walking group, or even find time together after work to be active.