Day 6:

I’m here…now what?

  • Locate your chosen employers on the map
  • Offer your hand for a professional handshake (one shake)
  • Begin the conversation with your 60 second commercial
  • Ask the employer a question relating to your career goal
  • Ask the employer for next steps
  • Be energetic – be your best, as refreshed as possible

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Job/Internship of the Week

Management Trainee
SRS Acquisition Corporation


Duties & Responsibilities:
Our Management Trainee Program is your pathway to accelerated career growth inside SRS. It is designed to prepare you for a rewarding career as a Branch Manager, and beyond, in the distribution industry. Once you have been selected for this program, you will be paired with an experienced mentor who will help you learn all aspects of our business, such as learning products, logistics, finance, safety, administrative policies and procedures, and customer service. You will also be mentored in Outside Sales to better develop negotiation and professional sales techniques that are necessary to complete the training cycle. With your mentor’s guidance, you will move from the university classroom to the practical world of management and sales working with customers and vendors in a distribution center setting.

The Management Trainee Program is designed to last 1-2 years, allowing you to experience all aspects of the Branch Manager position; and to provide you with the foundation skills that will be necessary for future advancement within SRS. You will receive competitive wages and an excellent benefit package!

Clearwater, Florida
Lafayette, Lousiana
Naperville, Illinois
St. Louis, Missouri
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Portland, Oregon
Richmond, Wisconsin
Eugene, Oregon
Position Type
Permanent Full-Time
Job Function
Distribution, Management, Management/Administration, Sales, Supply Chain Management / Logistics
Bachelors Degree
2.7 GPA
Supply Chain Management
Business Degree
At SRS we are looking for the type of person who:
• Has a positive attitude
• Possess strong leadership abilities
• Has excellent communication skills
• Is willing to work hard to perfect their academic knowledge through hands-on training and experience
• Has a desire to work with manufactured products, computer and transportation equipment, and a team of diverse people
• Has ability to combine a passion for personal and company success with a desire to help our customers and vendors to succeed in their respective businesses.
Contact Information
Employer: SRS Acquisition Corporation
Name: Mrs. Linda J. Konke
Title: Executive Assistant
Phone: (469) 424-2221
Fax: (214) 491-4156
Address: 1515 Heritage Drive
Suite 103 

McKinney, TX
75069 United States



Day 7:

In your “Pursuit of happyness” make sure you set your expectations…

You are responsible for making the most of a job fair. This means that you should begin with clearly defined and realistic expectations. You may not receive a job offer at the fair, but it is realistic to assume you will make a significant number of employer contacts. For most candidates, success will depend on effective follow‐up after the fair.

A few times during the term we will highlight OSU alum who have been successful in the job search process and share their experience with you! They offer great tips and strategies that maybe you could implement as well.

Name: Loni Hartman

Major: English

Company: Consolidated Graphics/Bridgetown Printing

Position: Leadership Development Associate

How did you find out about the position?
I found my position by looking at the Career Services website before the Career Fair. I knew there were three employers I really wanted to talk to so I found them on the website, got the link to their company websites to research them, and then went into the Career Fair feeling great.

What does your job entail?
A Leadership Associate works through every part of a Consolidated Graphics Printing Company in order to understand the process before moving into a sales or management role. Currently I am learning how to estimate printing jobs in order to make sure our sales reps are competitive in getting jobs.

What advice do you have for others about the job search process?
Use your resources and ask questions. Knowing about the companies I was interested before I walked into the career fair made me feel confident when I walked through the career fair doors.

Posted by Loni Hartman, 2011 OSU Alum

Day 8:

Be aware of employer expectations…

Some employers are only collecting resumes; some may not be able to accept any resumes and may ask you to submit application materials online. Some are building/assessing an applicant pool; some are ready to fill specific vacancies.

Some will expect you to express your interest by already knowing about their organization; some will view this day as a career fair/information gathering process. Most employers will expect you will follow up if you are interested. All employers expect you to be professional, willing to initiate conversation and able to highlight your strengths.

Here I am in a musical called, "A Wonderful Noise" at the Creede Repertory Theatre

Hello, OSU Career Services blog readers. I’m back with another installment of “Confessions of a Career Changer”. I left off last time with the recent death of my mother, acting in a professional theatre company in Colorado, and wondering what to do next. The following winter I wanted to regroup, ask questions about who I was and wanted to continue to be, and plan my next move. I stayed in Colorado with my boyfriend (now husband) to reevaluate.

Of course, I still had to make a living. So, by virtue of the very small community I now lived in, which dwindled down in population to less than 400 full time residents within the city limits in winter, word of mouth quickly spread that I was looking for a job. But my situation was enormously lucky. We lived in a home owned by a good friend who charged us a miniscule amount for rent. Plus, there are very little opportunities to spend money in Mineral County, as the closest movie theatre is an hour and a half away and the closest shopping center even further. In Creede, Colorado during the winter months, people have potlucks and board game nights for their entertainment. So our expenses were very low, basically food and utilities. Also, my mother left me a legacy of support with her pension. She was able to will it to me, and I suddenly had a small but reliable monthly income, courtesy of my mother. So, I was looking for a part time job to help us fill the gap between the income I received through her kindness and our bills. And I found one at the Gifts & Gas.

The Gifts & Gas is the only gas station in Creede. It is more than a gas station; it is a hub of information sharing, community gathering, and social work. Most people who live in the county need to patronize the Gifts & Gas over the course of a week, and these people share stories and information as they come in to pay for their gas, their candy bars, their dozen eggs, or their lined notebook. Because there are so few shops open all year in Creede, the Gifts & Gas provided a lot more than just your typical convenience store fare. And the manager of the store at the time was a true local. A woman who taught me a lot about caring and communicating, Kris had lived in Creede most of her life. The wife of a retired silver miner, Kris ran the Gifts & Gas as the social institution that it should be. As my boss, she showed me how a community can use whatever means necessary to care for its members, including discussing the latest troubles of those who lived in the community, trying to get them direct help, and referring folks to the resources they needed (the health clinic, the sheriff’s department, the city council). She did all this while fulfilling her title as the manager of a gas station. I didn’t realize it then, but this is the kind of worker that I wanted to be in the world: engaged, compassionate, and interdisciplinary. We all need role models and mentors in our workplaces to see what is possible. I was lucky enough to watch and learn from Kris.

While I worked at the Gifts & Gas that winter, I began to apply to graduate schools, and I will tell you about this next step next time in “Confessions of a Career Changer”.

Jessica Baron is currently a Graduate Assistant in Career Services at OSU and a full time student in the College Student Services Administration Program. Before making her way to Oregon State, Jessica worked as an actor, waiter, online tutor, receptionist, college composition instructor, creative writer, gas station attendant, nonprofit program director, writing workshop leader, high school drama coach, Hallmark card straightener, substitute teacher, real estate office manager, and SAT tutor, not necessarily in that order. Her “Confessions of a Career Changer” will focus on her wavy career path and the challenges and joys of wanting to do everything.

Day 10:

What to ask employers…

First and foremost, questions should be natural. Be yourself. Don’t rifle your questions; maintain a flow.

Here are some sample questions to ask organization representatives:

  • What kind of entry‐level positions exist within your company?
  • Do you offer internships?
  • If so, what percentage of interns are offered positions after graduation?
  • What does your company consider the 5 most important qualities in an employee?
  • What courses do you suggest in order to be a successful candidate?
  • What personality traits are important for success in your company?
  • What made you chose this company?
  • How long have you been with the company?
  • What goals does your company have for the next five years and beyond?
  • What are the next steps in the hiring process?

Day 11:

Don’t be fooled…

A common misconception is that an accounting student should only look for employment at accounting firms for example.  However, what you must remember is that most businesses have an accountant on staff.  Don’t discount a company because you think they are specifically an “engineering company,” because guess what, that engineering company also needs an employee to handle their marketing, people to run their HR department etc.  Moral of the story, there will be a wide variety of industries represented at the fair but don’t assume that your major won’t apply to certain companies just because of the industry they’re in.