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Job of the Week

Mobile Web Developer

Moovweb is looking for brilliant, motivated web developers to join our dynamic development team, which is responsible for working directly with clients to adapt their existing desktop websites for the mobile web and mobile apps. The Mobile Web Developer builds and launches client websites and apps across a variety of verticals and industries. This role requires a combination of web development, design, and client management skills.
San Francisco, CA
Position Type
Permanent Full-Time
Desired Major(s)
College of Engineering/Computer Science, College of Science/Mathematics, College of Science/Computational Physics, College of Science/Biochemistry and Biophysics, College of Science/Mathematical Sciences, College of Science/Applied Physics
Job Function
Computer – Web Design / Development, Computer Software Development / Design
• Excellent problem-solving skills
• Well versed in HTML, CSS, and web
• JavaScript, AJAX, and DOM scripting
• Skilled at debugging web pages
• Good design sensibilities and awareness
of UX best practices
Bonus points
• Linux command line
• Ruby and/or Python
• Git or other version control
• XPath
• Experience working with external clients
• Mobile web development
• Object-oriented programming
• Computer Science degree or equivalent
• Photoshop
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