The Office of Community and Diversity has a Multicultural Resource guide that directs you to an office on campus that can further help you explore areas you are interested in.

This office also helps you transition into a career after college by offering the PROMISE (Professional and Managerial Internships in State Employment) program (see office website).

This is an internship program that gives you an opportunity to gain skills in a professional office in/ around Corvallis. Included in the program, are professional development workshops. Finally it wraps up with a Poster Galleria, celebrating what you have learned and the projects accomplished.

I can personally recommend it; I was one of three interns for OSU’s Business Affairs Office. For me it was a good way to continue professional etiquette in an office and practice and improve my communication skills. I was stationed in the ID Center and some of the projects that I completed were: Creating a workflow during busy hours in the summer, organization of a database and compiling a card list for departments at OSU, translating brochures from English to Spanish, and many other duties. Aside from that there were a variety of different jobs other interns did with the City of Corvallis, Human Resources, Video production and many more. PROMISE also included workshops to improve on interpersonal communications and also got to hear from professionals of color from local companies, such as Hewlett Packard.

The way I have been able to find interesting jobs that allowed me to contribute my college experience and skills have all been from being a part of a Listserve! Specifically, the Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) and College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) list serves. Currently I receive e-mails from 4-5 list serves. It is helpful to join your College’s list serv, a club or student organization list serv and different departments list servs around campus. You never know what will show up! So put yourself out there and explore departments to see how you can begin your career.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Resources for specific populations-Career Services provides a whole section dedicated to resources for underrepresented populations.

Disability Access Services- Internships can also help find a summer internship for students with a disability.

University Housing & Dining

Begin your search for clubs/organizations

Attend the “Swing into Spring” held by Student Leadership & Involvement next Tuesday, Feb. 22 from 11-2:30 in the MU Ballroom.

Finally, some programs such as the Pre-therapy/Allied Health Club, conduct mock interviews, do graduate school visits, and offer community service hours.

There are many resources available and remember it never hurts to ask! And here at Career Services we are here to help.

Posted by Marisol Cardoza, Career Services Assistant