Two New Parking Lots on Campus

Capital Planning and Development and Transportation Services are pleased to announce that construction is underway for two new parking lots on campus.

laSells Lot

The new “East LaSells Stewart Center Lot” along Western is being built in anticipation of the new Valley Football Center/North End Zone Expansion Project, as replacement parking for stalls displaced by the building project. This centrally located lot is scheduled to open later this fall, bringing 38 new parking spaces for those with A1, A2, A3, and B2 permits, as well as for event goers – adjacent to dorms, LaSells, Alumni Center, Softball and Soccer.

This lot was designed to use every inch of available space, while working up to existing property and utility easement boundaries.  Approximately 390 tons of asphalt will be used to create this lot.  Water quality and detention requirements were achieved with underground piping and mechanical filtering, in order to maximize parking spaces.  There will be roughly 175 feet of 3-foot diameter detention pipe buried below the lot to retain pre-development water runoff levels to minimize downstream flooding during heavy storm events.

Energy Center Lot

The new “Energy Center South Lot” along 35th is being built to replace parking that was displaced by the Samaritan Sports Medicine Center that was recently completed along 30th in the Reser Stadium Lot . Scheduled to open later this fall, this lot brings 80 new parking spaces. This will be a CR zone lot and will be open to CR permit holders only.

Roughly 3500 cubic yards (96000 cubic feet!) of good topsoil was salvaged and stockpiled just east of the site in an enormous mound for future use at OSU projects.   OSU Landscaping has identified that on-site soil is often higher quality and less contaminated with noxious weeds than imported soil – not to mention the cost savings from harvesting the material from OSU property.  The Pocket Park Project site will make use of the soil to transform what is now a debris and rock ridden site into a landscaped green area.

Between October 5th and 6th, roughly 720 tons of asphalt were installed in the base and wearing course. Construction utilized an existing access aisle built with the Energy Center project. The center of the lot features a sand filtration swale to achieve storm water quality and detention requirements – this treats the polluted runoff water before it is piped to sensitive Oak Creek.

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