LInC Graphics Connecting Students with their place at OSU, Oregon and the World

Have you seen the graphics at the LInC?

Not only are the graphics colored-coded to their respective classroom for way-finding, the graphics were thoughtfully chosen to be abstracted versions of representative ‘things’ familiar to students studying any and all disciplines at OSU and how those disciplines and the students themselves studying in those fields have a place at OSU, Oregon, and the World. Can you identify the school these images represent?

The LInC is a general classroom building that is not controlled by any one department or school. Any faculty in any school can teach in these spaces. Many of the larger classrooms will be used for the freshman/sophomore large lecture classes, and the committee wanted these undergrads to have a sense of ownership and pride in their respective choice of study and to understand their place at OSU, Oregon, and the World. The images will be a bit of a puzzle game for building goers to determine what the image is and what school/discipline it represents at OSU.

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