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Hello, welcome back to Brandi Cook’s Amazing Bevy Blog Serious (title in progress). I’d say over the the course of the last two weeks I’ve been somewhat successful. As of last blog post, I hadn’t really gotten set up/working hand on with Bevy yet. However, by now, I have started to generate and actually create things.

Here’s a pretty spiffy 3D scene I made in Bevy.

Pendulum swinging in Bevy (written by Chris Patton).

So far, Bevy engine really reminds me of creating 3D spaces/loading objects in OpenGL, and the Rust language is similar to C languages (even though it is very different, writing it is similar). These factors make learning feel more comfortable for me. I really feel like I’m starting to understand things.

On top of building 3D spaces, meshes, and testing other Bevy implementations, I’ve been working on applying a noise to these objects. Below is an example of a snippet of code that applies Perlin Noise to an object. I won’t get into the specifics, but noise is basically how you create “randomness” in order to procedurally generate a mesh texture. Perlin Noise is the standard noise type used, however, there are a few others. Here’s a helpful link with some more information, but there’s also a lot of info out there !

Here’s a snippet of code on perlin noise generation (

Bottom Left: u=0, v=0: Cell Noise
Bottom Right: u=0, v=1: Noise
Top Left: u=1, v=0: Voronoi
Top Right: u=1, v=1: Voronoise

Some detours include the fact that I haven’t pushed any of my work to Github yet. While I’ve been working on generating maps, creating noise, setting all of this up in a 3D space, I have yet to get all of this to work together in one solution. I’m working on that right now.

Some really helpful sources for me are the official Rust documentation, the official Bevy docs, and Christopher Biscardi. This guy is the Bevy GOAT (greatest of all time…). He does YouTube videos explaining concepts, has his own examples, and even creates his own APIs for everyone to use. I recommend checking him out should you become interested in learning Bevy.

Anyway…. I’d say, overall, I’m really happy with my Bevy progress. It’s been a fun adventure and I feel like I’m following the plan accordingly. Our sponsor, Chris Patton, also seems content with all of my group and I’s progress. I’ve been keeping a Live Document of my learning as I progress, feel free to check it out (using OSU account).

Thanks for reading,

Brandi Cook


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