Epic Blog Post #2

Hello! It’s ya boi, Brandi Cook, back at it again here to bring you yet another epic and cool blog post (don’t forget to hit that like and reblog button, helps my blog ). Well, more or less. Here’s my project progress so far. So my group and I are going to pretty much be creating a vehicle simulation. This is going to include physics, environments, weather, user input/control, computation and analysis of data… ya know, all that jazz. My sub-group is primarily working on the earth environments, which includes procedurally generating environments. My specific task is to handle the generation of the natural environments. Wow, seems like a lot right..? Well, yeah it is actually. I’m not going to argue with that.

Before this project, I’ve never created any procedurally generated environment. Actually, I’d never created any three dimensional mesh. Yeah, I’m a noob. Well, I’m not all lame; I have created TWO dimensional tilemaps in Unity. Honestly, compared to our project, that stuff is hecking easy. Here’s a little comparison at an entire map I’ve created versus just the MESH of a map we’re going to be creating.

Simple 2D tilemap made in Unity by me 🙂 !


Terrain Generation in Bevy Engine - Part 1: Rendering - The Infornographer
“Simple” tile mesh for environment generation (it’s a lot of math!!!)

Yeah. So other than learning how to create that (using a platform I’ve never used before – Bevy), I’ve also been learning the programming language Rust. Honestly, the language is pretty intuitive and cute. It’s actually pretty exciting to be learning all of this. My group and I have even made a pretty solid plan for our next steps. I’m just hoping I will be able to deliver. I really want our project to turn out very epic 🙂 !

A little random thing that’s happened along the way is that one of our group members decided to drop out of the team – they said they didn’t think they would be able to complete this project. This makes me feel even more spooked! I’m by no means an awesome programmer (I have no experience with anything crazy tbh). So yeah, I’m working hard to learn and do my best. I’m really excited for this to start flowing and for our progress to be visual. It’s exciting!!!!

Thanks for reading this nonsense

Brandi Cook

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