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New Plugins!

September 30th, 2014

Central Web Services has updated some existing themes and plugins as well as added several new plugins.

  • Slideshows – slideshow-jquery-image-gallery
    Slideshows allows for adding multiple slide shows to a post or as a widget to the side bar, contact info section or in the main post itself.
  • Instagram – simply-instagram
    Instagram pictures and slide show emables embedding Instagram pictures as a widget in the various parts of a blog page.
  • Prezi – prezi-embedded
    Prezi online presentation creation is simple with free accounts to students and educators. This plugin allows for embedding a prezi presentation into a post or page. Very simple and straightforward. We have added instructions for embedding a prezi in a blog at http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/osucws/
  • MailChimp – mailchimp-for-wp
    MailChimp allows tying mailing lists to your blog. Add a newsletter for people who want updates on what you are going. Mailchimp-for-wp allows for creating custom signup forms for a given mail list created on your MailChimp account.

Other updates:

  • TwentyTen
  • TwentyEleven
  • TwentyTwelve
  • TwentyThirteen
  • TwentyFourteen


  • wordpress-seo
  • wp-polls
  • wp-postratings
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