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The Cascadia Initiative is an onshore-offshore seismic and geodetic experiment, using an underwater array of seismometers to measure the deformation of the Juan de Fuca and Gorda plates. The seismometers, located off the coasts of California, Oregon, Washington and Vancouver Island, need to be recovered and deployed every year in order to collect the data they contain.

Visit the Cascadia Initiative Expedition Website to learn more.

To learn more about the science crew members, follow the links to their entries on our Marine Careers page, where you will also find information about ship’s crew and careers.

2014: Recovery –

2014 science crew

(to be updated at the end of the season)

  • Matt Fowler (OSU/NOAA¬† VENTS), Chief Scientist/Moorings Specialist
  • Alex Turpin (OSU)
  • Martin Rapa (Scripps), Development Engineer
  • Ernest Aaron (Scripps)
  • Mark Gibaud (Scripps)
  • Mark Lockwood (SAIC)
  • Amy Williamson (Georgia Tech) Apply to Sail intern
  • Maxwell “Tobias” Tupper (Georgia Tech) Apply to sail intern
  • Bill Hanshumaker (Oregon Sea Grant/OSU) Marine educator
  • Pat Kight (Oregon Sea Grant/OSU) Photographer

2013 : Recovery – Southern Seismometers

2013 science crew

2012: Recovery – Northern Seismometers

2012 science crew

(coming soon)

2011: Deployment

This was the second leg in the deployment of an array of ocean-bottom seismometers that will be used in conjunction with real-time, land based seismometers and high resolution GPS data for studying large earthquakes and volcanic hazard mitigation.

2011 science crew:

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Antarctic Expeditions

Expedition blogs from 2005 and 2006:

Antarctic expedition map

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