Writing Ex #11

Prompt: Reflect on the peer-review process with you as the reviewer. How did it feel to read and critique someone else’s writing? What did you learn that you can apply to your own writing as you revise your final essay?

It felt rather odd to review and critique someone else’s writing. I felt kind of harsh, but I was trying my best to keep a formal tone that didn’t seem condescending. It feels as though you are finding every flaw possible in someone’s writing that they worked hard on, however, I was just trying to find any possible way to help them improve their writing. It is hard to critique someone else’s writing when you don’t necessarily know exactly what they were trying to convey in their writing, as everyone writes differently and has different writing styles. I learned helpful tips in doing this that will definitely help me improve and revise my final essay. It was helpful to look at other’s writing and see how other papers are organized and really go through them with a fine tooth comb. In seeing aspects that they did and did not include, or seeing that you long for information that may not have been provided helped me see what I truly hope is conveyed in my own paper. This was an interesting process and I think it will greatly supplement my own writing and help me make beneficial revisions to my final essay.

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