Writing Exercise #6:

Prompt: Describe your personal philosophy about how and when you have taken, or would take, antibiotics. What experiences or prior knowledge do you have that shaped that personal philosophy?


My personal philosophy on antibiotics is that they are necessary in today’s world. I think antibiotics have been our main defense against very harmful bacteria. I grew up in a household full of nurses who drilled the concept of antibiotic resistance in my head. From that, I have the philosophy that antibiotics should only be taken when absolutely necessary, and when prescribed by a physician. I also believe it is vital to take the entire prescription recommended by your doctor, even if you feel better.

I do think that antibiotics are abused in today’s society. Many times antibiotics are prescribed in situations that are not necessary. People also tend to disregard antibiotics if they start feeling better as opposed to taking the whole suggested regimen, which again, leads to increased antibiotic resistance and eventually we won’t be able to kill off these harmful bacteria anymore as they will have built up means to defend themselves against antibiotics. It is important that people don’t give antibiotics that they haven’t finished to others for any reason.

Overall, I believe that antibiotics should be taken only when necessary and prescribed by a physician. It is vital to take all of the antibiotics prescribed to you in the allotted time to decrease risks of antibiotic resistance. I think antibiotics are useful and a vital part of our society, but should not be abused.

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