First Week! Capstone- beginning of the end

Wow can’t believe my journey here is heading to an end. Only just two more classes to finish up before December! Time seems to really fly past when you’re immersed in something right? It seems like just yesterday (Jan 2021) that I made the decision to start at OSU. There certainly have been some ups and downs along the way but I’m so excited to be near the finish line.

A little perspective of my trajectory from beginning to end:

  • Winter ’21 – 161 & 225
  • Spring ’21 – 162 & 271
  • Summer ’21 – OSU internship & 261 & 290
  • Fall ’21 – 372 & 340 & 362
  • Winter ’22 – 361 & 344
  • Spring ’22 – 325 & 493
  • Summer ’22 – internship
  • Fall ’22 – 467 & 464

I worked something like 10-20 hours a week outside of being a full time student and aimed to finish the program in a reasonable amount of time. Due to the odd number of classes required to finish, I had to take 3 classes one semester which was borderline overwhelming. Luckily none of them were unreasonably difficult!

My first internship that I took was working for OSU’s Alumni Foundation. I was unable to get a CS internship in my first summer so I decided to take one which helped OSU build their new alumni foundation website using a nocode tool. This was a good way to get at least some experience in tech and the connections I made there proved to be invaluable later on when applying for jobs.

The classes I would have skipped were CS 372 (Intro to Networking) and CS 493 (Cloud Application Development). I didn’t feel that these classes taught much more outside the realm of things I couldn’t learn myself using online resources.

I was lucky to land an devops internship in the summer before graduation that led to an offer to start in January of next year! Woo! Just some proof that having a CS degree is totally worth it. There definitely seems to be an element of pressure lifted now that I’ve signed an offer for a full time role.

So now here we are at the end of the program! Capstone and Open Source are the two classes I’ll be taking. My hopes for the capstone project are to build something that is a) not a web application and b) extensible. Interested to see what my team comes up with! Until next time…

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