There are many misconceptions about agriculture, however, the students of AG 351 are more than willing to answer any questions that the general public may have about the industry. Below are some interesting facts about agriculture, is there something new that you have learned by reviewing these facts? Do you have a question for a farmer? If so, please comment at the bottom of the page so we can answer your questions.

Did You Know?

Chocolate milk can come from any color of cow, not just brown cows. All cows produce white milk that cocoa and sugar can be combined with to create chocolate milk.

Pigs don’t sweat. Instead of sweating, pigs will find a nice puddle to wallow in getting their skin wet and creating a similar effect in cooling body temperature as sweat.

In order to get the same amount of protein from spinach as you do from one pound of sirloin steak, you would have to eat 22 cups of spinach. The price difference between these two products is significant: one pound of sirloin steak costs $5.98 whereas 22 cups of spinach costs $22.98.

One pound of wool can make 10 miles of yarn. Wool is a natural resource harvested from sheep that is used for a multitude of products. Sheep are not harmed in the process of sheering, in fact, sheering actually helps sheep maintain a healthy body temperature–especially in summer months.

Pineapples don’t grow on trees. Pineapples are a fruit developed from the cluster of flowers in the middle of a leafy plant. A single pineapple is made up of 100-200 flowers fused together.

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