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Have Oregon’s urban growth boundaries been too conservation-friendly?

Promoting an orderly pattern of land-use change, particularly when it comes to the conversion of farmland and forests to developed uses, is the cornerstone of Oregon’s statewide land-use planning system. A key piece of our system, which largely traces back … Continue reading

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Does the Conservation Reserve Program promote organic transition?

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) spends upwards of $20 million dollars each year in an effort to support and grow the organic agricultural industry. One thing that makes obtaining organic certification difficult and risky for producers is what’s known … Continue reading

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California Forever: A glance at the underlying economic and policy issues

With the housing crisis facing many communities in the western US, who can argue against dense, affordable housing with tree-lined streets and easy access to bike lanes, shops, and schools? It’s a gamble that the investors in California Forever are … Continue reading

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What does the EPA Vulnerable Species Pilot Project mean for Oregon agriculture?

Tim Delbridge and Dan Bigelow As the Capital Press and other outlets have been reporting over the last month, there is a draft plan from the EPA to protect a number of endangered and threatened species through new restrictions on … Continue reading

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Forestland accounts for a majority of land conversion in Oregon

In my previous post, I showed that there is less land development in Oregon compared to Washington and California. Furthermore, I pointed out that development in all three states has declined considerably in recent decades. From a land conservation perspective, … Continue reading

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Oregon develops far less forest and agricultural land than its neighbors

Oregon is well known for its comprehensive land use planning program. Initiated on May 29, 1973 under Senate Bill (SB) 100, the program marked its 50-year anniversary this week. SB 100 resulted in the development of 19 statewide planning goals that … Continue reading

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