nightingale poetry

Improvisation is key. Birds do it to survive in human areas, and humans do it in music. Nightingales are one example: they are artists who create music that is heard during all parts of the day. They inspired poets earlier in history. There are numerous poems illustrating the power of the nightingales’ songs. The nightingales were viewed as poets themselves who are skilled using sound. Humans have even collaborated with nightingales. The trio album “And Vex the Nightingale”, is one example of this combination (Beginnings of Time). Lucie, the composer of the album, managed to synchronize with the nightentale. He left space for the bird, and worked at its pace. Nightingale music takes numerous hours, and has to be one long sequence. People  can even determine the identity of a nightingale based on the amount of songs and how well they sing a song. This is noticed when the birds come back to trees they have inhabited after migrating.

Nightingales are even considered the bird of love. They are referenced in  Romeo and Juliet,  with importance given to the nightingale singing or not.  Nightingales also are  referenced  in Greek mythology, meaning its history encompasses thousands of years. It is difficult to understand  but music is  hard to create.  THe artists who make it have to constantly keep working. It can be repetitive. But it is interesting that animals as  unique as  whales can sing as  well. Music seems like a way for multiple species to communicate if  they cannot understand language. Nature may have caused animals to have the ability to make music for this reason in my opinion. 

Nightingales will live through all. Even if the human race disappeared, nightingales would continue to spread music across the Earth. Everyone should have the pleasure to listen to  nightingales music once.

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