When did the Tyrrany Begin

Both writings: The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis by Lynn White and On Care For our Common Home by Pope Francis agree that for the last 200 years humans have embraced an anthropocentric tyranny over all of nature and the world. That is the extent of their agreement. The crucial argument proposed by both writings is: when and how did this tyranny begin? Lynn examines the ecological dangers of western technology by tracing back to a shift in morals and values which he believes enabled our scourge on nature. Meanwhile Pope Francis works to preserve the Bible from being the origin of human centered belief, by shifting blame onto the human sin and misinterpretations.

In his text Lynn outlines his process of, as the name states, trying to discover the historical origin of our ongoing tyranny. He first makes a case to show just how much humans were able to impact the world around them, through his use of historical examples and modern ecological facts. He then goes on to signify the importance in technological advancements that let the western culture capitalize on what the world had to offer. He claims that while there were many great scientific discovers all across the globe, much information was lost or translated into only Latin, which in the end is why he believes that all science and technology advancements are have inherent western ideals. So what are these ideals you may ask? Well these ideals are what he calls mans distinction from nature. Once man was able to separate themselves from the nature around them it allowed remorseless exploitation to be effortless. He claims this shift in belief, was in the end due to the embrace of Christianity and depart from pagan animalism. When humans revered each creation of the earth to be its own sentient being we were in unity as equals, but once Christianity enlightened man to stand above the rest of the world is when and why we began our tyranny.

Pope Francis uses his extensive knowledge of the bible and its true meaning to show the world that the bible is not the cause for humans self centered rampart across the environment. Through use of scriptures and passages he shows that when created men were not created to be tyrants, but rulers. Through the use of our intelligent and god given powers we must care for and protect the world while keeping it in balance. The bible says that men are to walk among all creatures of life not above them but as their shepherds. His response to the human centered destruction of the environment is that man has sins and that material processions and power have corrupted humans to abandon their divine responsibilities and exploit the earth. He goes on to say that Jesus and the Lord is against the unhealthy dualism that divides man and nature, but even so that dualism went on to taint the bibles good name through human actions. The Pope argues that it was not the bible that set man down the path of tyranny, but instead the sins of man.

In the end both Lynn White and Pope Francis come to their own conclusions for why man was able to lay waste to our own home. Lynn puts the blame onto christen values, while the Pope sets the blame on human sins.