Many humans believe that they are not a part of nature. This belief has been exemplified by some teachings of Christianity (Lynn White). Instead they believe they are above nature , leading to numerous occasions of devastation affecting the Earth. Global warming, deforestation, the wasting of natural resources, are a few examples of the consequences of humanity doing whatever they see fit without addressing the consequences. Solutions must be made, and that can only result if people come together(Papa Francesco 44). Reminding some Christians of their faith and how it relates to protecting the Earth could help slow the degradation of our beloved planet ( Papa Francesco 48). Regardless of our faith, we must have the belief that a positive relationship with the Earth is necessary for the survival of humans and creatures. Everything is interconnected. We are equal to one another, even mountains and soil are equally valuable(Papa Francesco 61).

Humanity must also learn that the Earth is fragile, and we must be careful with it. We cannot live in a fantasy, with the belief that the Earth has infinite resources(Papa Francesco 68). First, we must make human life equal and solve human problems then we can solve the issues of the environment. Then humans must control and be mindful of the power they have gained through technology(Papa Francesco 78). Technology is almost like a pet: it needs to be trained in order to have a positive impact on society. Humanity must be aware of the risks of rapid technological growth as well.

Society then needs to come together. Various perspectives and methods will be needed to solve the ecological crises. The logic of “use and throw away”(Papa Francesco 91) followed by many humans also should be replaced with something more positive. Huge corporations should also be monitored and not allowed to over power local agriculture. Discussion should be made at multiple levels to fix ecological issues. 

Pope Francis, Laudato Si

Lynn White, Jr., “The Ecologic Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis,” Science 155:3767 (10 March 1967), 1203-1207.

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