Underrated Overrated for 3/30/21

Underrated- Electric Toothbrushes

The future is now old man. It is time to upgrade that old and crusty toothbrush. I recently bought an electric toothbrush and I can’t give it enough praise. I am expecting a standing ovation next time I walk into the dentist’s office because my teeth are pristine! Don’t get me wrong, I have always brushed twice a day and flossed regularly but my electric toothbrush has taken my oral hygiene to the next level. It is like a deep spring cleaning and a massage for your teeth. They are expensive with prices as high as 300$, but you don’t have to spend that much. I got mine for 90$ and while that is a solid chunk of change, it was worth it. It is an investment in your personal hygiene and they last forever.

Overrated- Pencils

To be frank, I hate pencils. The way writing looks in pencil, how I have to sharpen them, how the tip can just break off at any given moment like a time bomb in my hand, I hate it all. Use a pen. Yes, pen is permanent. Yes, there are words scribbled out all over my notes. I don’t care. It looks so much better than the graphite stains a pencil leaves behind. Writing with pen just feels better to me. Trust me on this one, buy a high-quality pen and tell me that it doesn’t feel better. I am currently using some Arteza pens that are amazing but really any pack of Pilot G2 pens will steamroll any pencil in quality, look, and feel. Take a moment to think before you write something down instead of preparing to erase and change everything.

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