Underrated Overrated for 3/23/21

Underrated- socks

I don’t mean those old tattered socks you have in your dresser, throw those pieces of trash OUT. I’m talking about the fresh well-fitting pair of socks that you should have in your dresser. I see so many of my friends with these ratty socks on their feet that they have had since high school and they have no idea what they are missing out on. A nice pair of socks can make all the difference. If you are working out, get a pair of running socks. They wick sweat off your feet to keep them dry and are tight on your feet to avoid that annoying sock clump in your shoe. If you are dressing up for a night of champagne and canapes, get a pair of dress socks. No, you can not wear slacks and dress shoes with your old smelly Nike socks even if they are black– who raised you? Dress socks are sleek and fashionable and they feel much better in dress shoes than other socks. For everyday life, get some variety! Get some socks in black, white, or maybe even navy blue. Get some no-shows, ankle highs, and some standard-length socks that fit well and look good. For some reason, people don’t think anyone notices their socks. I notice them and other people do too.

Overrated- whipped cream

You do not need whipped cream on top of that dessert. It isn’t even that good! People just think it’s good because they spray and spread it all over every sweet little pastry they can get their fingers around. It is just more sugar in an aerosol can that they can wave around like it’s a carnival or something– whoop-de-doo! Deserts are already delicious on their own and if they need whipped cream to be good then they aren’t. Then you have the people who slather whipped cream all over their fruit. No, fruit is already sweet and filled with natural sugars. God created fruit to be a tasty natural treat and is staring down at any unfortunate soul who does that. Whipped cream is just sugar made to be put on top of sugary things– what’s the point of that?

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