Principal Investigator

Aymeric Goyer

Associate Professor

Aymeric Goyer grew up in Rennes area, France. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Plant Biology from the University of Rennes I, France, and a Doctoral degree in Molecular and Cellular Plant Biology from the University of Paris XI, France. Upon graduation, Dr. Goyer held a postdoctoral position with Dr. Andrew Hanson at the University of Florida, then a Research Associate position with Dr. Roy Navarre at Washington State University. His research interests focus on thiamine and folate metabolism in plants. Outside of the lab, he likes to play music, snowboard, hike, and soccer.


Graduate students

Keonny Cosek

Undergraduate students

Ravi Phillipps

Aidan Seidel

Former lab members

  • Trent Berrian, Master student
  • Cayla Rosene, CAS Beginning Researcher
  • Kate Howe, CAS Beginning Researcher
  • Carson Flagg, BES intern
  • Carol Bvindi, Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Maria Tejeda
  • Kirsten Jones, BES intern
  • Max M. Combest, Master student – Current: Viracor, Lee’s Summit, MO
  • Mael Picard, International undergraduate student
  • Bruce R. Robinson, Master student – Current: Analytical chemist at Bend Research, Lonza Company, Bend, OR
  • Chloé Volant, Master student
  • Josephine Antwi, Postdoctoral Researcher (Co-advised with Dr. Silvia Rondon) – Current: Assistant Professor, University of Mary Washington, VA
  • Amber Vinchesi, Postdoctoral Researcher (Co-advised with Dr. Silvia Rondon) – Current: Vegetable Crop Advisor, University of California-Davis Cooperative Extension
  • Wei Dong, Postdoctoral Researcher – Current: Postdoctoral Scholar, Michigan State University
  • Michael Storagee, Undergraduate student
  • Mark Barnett, Undergraduate student – Current: InterPath Labs
  • Taryn Goodwin, Undergraduate student- Current: InterPath Labs
  • Matthew Warman, Intern – Current: Graduate student (PhD), Oregon State University
  • Julien Pellé, International Intern – Current: Graduate student (PhD), Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, Saclay, France
  • Sneha Challa, International Intern
  • Kortney Sweek, High School student and Undergraduate student – Current: Nurse, Good Shepherd Hospital, Hermiston, OR
  • Brandy White, High School student
  • Ethan Pitzer, High School student
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