Experience with discrimination

After finding out about the lawsuit my company faces there would be many thoughts going through my mind. I would probably reflect back on the time I’ve been working at the company a see if I can see any patterns of discrimination that may have effected me in any way. I would also want make sure that the claims I’m reading about my company are true. Sometimes now days it is hard to sift through all the bombshell articles that come out every other day. I would want to make sure the information I’m being presented with is true before I make any big decision. Overall I have two ideas of how I would handle this information if it ends up being true.

Stay and make a difference from within. I think for a lot of people this lawsuit might be big red flag that indicates its time to jump ship. However part of me looks at this as an opportunity to stick up for what you believe in or the culture you are from. By being in this organization you might be presented with situations that allow you show others who you are and realize why there shouldn’t be discrimination going on. After all, if you quit you might be doing exactly what the people who discriminated against you want you to do. Overall claims of discrimination would defiantly effect how I saw the company and would effect how I perceived myself as a team member at that company.

My second thought is to quite and get a job at a company that better aligns with your views. It would be challenging to work for a company that you don’t share the same values with. Finding a job at a company that you agree with and have a passion for supporting can make getting up to go to work so much more bearable.

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3 responses to “Experience with discrimination”

  1. Hi Addison,

    It is challenging when the place that employs you is met with any type of prejudice accusations. You brought up a good point about patterns; this plays into if your organization is in an adverse or disparate situation of discrimination. If this is the first type and it’s adverse, the firm may have done something unintentional and can put in new systems to protect from it happening again. As you mentioned, it truly is an opportunity for that business to improve its practices. However, if it is a situation of disparate treatment, jump ship as quickly as possible. Great Post!

  2. Addison, I echoed your sentiment about wanting to assess your own experiences with the company. My first reaction, although subconscious, would be “am I surprised by this?”. If I’m not that probably means that I’ve experienced, or seen, this sort of discrimination happens within the organization. If I am surprised by it I will probably be defensive to a certain degree, not wanting to believe an organization I love would do such a thing. I think your blog post speaks well to home many people would feel.
    Best regards,

  3. Hi Addison,

    You bring up a great point of reflecting on the situation within your own company and seeing if there is a pattern of discrimination. Being an employee within the company I think that it’s important that even if there was discrimination there is transparency for all workers on what happened and what will come next. To add, to this I think that depending on the severity and intensity of the situation it can vary how the company responds. An example, of this could be discrimination against one woman or a group of women for a promotion or hiring. The more people involved the messier it can get.

    Also, I liked that you shared that there can be two options. As you could stay with the company and or leave. I do think that staying with the company is a great way if you want to try and change company culture but, it can be very hard in the long run. Or leaving the company due to morals. With this, I think it can be hard to make because impact of the event can vary and be subjective. It’s a tough decision either way thanks for sharing.

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