Week 2: Experiences with Discrimination

If I came across a news article reporting that my favorite company was faced with a public lawsuit in which they were accused of widespread discrimination against individuals from an ethnicity, culture, or belief system you associate with. I believe that my initial reaction would be sad and shocked. As it is one of my favorite companies and I most likely have been a supporter for a long time. Then my instinct would do more research about what happened out of curiosity. I would also be curious to find out how the company got exposed, what they did to the employee, and if it was false news. Alongside, with what actions that were taken to address the situation. To add, I do think that if the company does not make a statement and indicate what they did to resolve and address the issue of discrimination my perceptions on the company would be more negative as I feel strongly about fairness in the workplace and in life. 

With this, based on their actions and severity of discrimination I do think that it would influence my decision to support that company as is that I am personally against any form of discrimination. Along with I don’t want to align and support organizations that do that promote a negative company culture. They would lose my support and business. 

Along with knowing that the organization has had issues with discrimination it would steer me away from applying to the company. If I was able to understand what they have don’t to prevent the situation from happening I may consider the position. However, if not I would not apply due to the negative exclusive environment that does not align with my values. 

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The severity of discrimination can completely disintegrate the environment in a company and make more people feel uncomfortable. In many cases, we will oppose discrimination, and when we don’t want to receive discrimination, We do not want to be discriminated against ourselves, and we do not want others to be treated the same. Gender inequality in the workplace is manifested in gender occupational segregation. Women are considered unsuitable or incapable of doing certain jobs, for example, female drivers are considered road killers regardless of their level of driving. Gender occupational segregation, also known as gender differentiation in the labor market, is a common phenomenon in countries around the world. Although this occupational segregation presents different patterns due to cultural differences, some occupations are culturally and even legally The phenomenon of work being defined as a gender is widespread.
In China, gender discrimination in recruitment is still evident. This problem is first manifested in the form of female college students’ difficulty in finding employment, and it also exists in the recruitment process of various enterprises and institutions. According to a survey of companies’ willingness to recruit workers, when asked “willing to recruit boys or girls with the same salary”, employers have a clear gender preference. Among the 75 companies surveyed, 42 (56%) are willing to recruit boys, only 3 (4%) are willing to recruit girls, and 26 (35%) are willing to recruit both men and women.

Hi Cassidie,
I enjoyed reading your blog post this week and thought you had a very thorough response that was interesting to read. I also had a similar response to you, that I would be first of all surprised, because typically the companies that I support have strong ethics and I would be shocked to learn that they participated in discrimination. I also think you brought up a good point that before jumping to conclusions you would do some of you own research to see what actually happened. I also agreed that finding this out would discourage me from wanting to work there or support their company. Overall, I thought it was a great post and thanks for sharing!

Hi Cassidie!
I thought that your blog post was really insightful. Although I didn’t write it myself, I think I would be inclined to have a lot of the same emotions as you. Being a supporter of a company. for so long, it would break my heart to see that this is an issue for them. I completely agree that I would not apply for a company if I knew they were taking part in discriminatory acts. I applaud you on not wanting to do anything that doesn’t align with your values! I think it is great for you to stand by what you believe in. Great job! I enjoyed reading your post.

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