The back room

I’m waiting for paint to dry, well actually it’s primer. A lovely sand color called “Fortune Cookie” will be the next step. It’s hard to believe that this little project started over Spring Break which was the last chunk of time I took off from work. With the house finally being level, we can now begin on the interior. This room serves as a storage/pantry/pet/hallway area.

There are two layers on each wall.  Paneling that didn’t even lay flat, and the plywood that we’ve found on all walls in the house; sometimes covered in wallpaper, sometimes covered with a 1/4″ thick texturing.  Yuck!  Either way, a Sawsall works well for getting it off.

Here’s what it looks like after it’s all stripped down and cleaned up.  The box to the right of the door is where a window used to be.



Next we brought in an electrician to put two power supplies outside (one on a switch; think holiday decorations) and an outside light.  There’s also a quad outlet for the future work station.


While we’re at it, let’s make that doorway a bit bigger.







Here’s a typical old door in this house.  See how far off kilter it is?  The house must have been off level to begin with.




Same doorway, but with new door and drywall.

So here’s the room towards the end of my summer break.  Taped and mudded, and ready for texture.  Everything’s masked off… Ugh, hours of prep work and the whole house is still covered with a fine layer of drywall dust.  This project started at the end of March!  It’s now the end of July…

After texture (thanks to the Haney family for loaning me the texture gun again 🙂 ) and a coat of primer.  Bring on the Fortune Cookie!

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